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Bringing Ideas to Life!

Our services help you create your next big idea.

  • Prototype Development
  • Machining
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Welding Repair

      Prototype Development

      The process of taking your ideas, putting them on paper and creating your product.

      Custom Metal

      We can cut, bend, grind, weld, form, and finish most metals.

      Metal Art

      Crafting the beauty of metal.


      • Stage 1: Non-Disclosure Agreement

        Our company stands behind its high standards of honesty and trust. Prior to any discussion, a non-disclosure agreement will be completed.

      • Stage 2: Consultation/Planning

        A consultation is scheduled. We then go over your idea, then develop a blueprint of the invention and determine which type of services will be required to produce your end product.

      • Stage 3: Implementation

        Once a production profile is developed, we start creating your first in hand prototype.

      • Stage 4: Re-evaluation/Advanced Development

        During this time, we start testing multiple different product versions. The end goal is to have an efficient and refined prototype that meets or exceed your expectations.

      • Stage 5: Production

        Now it's time to produce your product for sale. We have a network of resources to put your product on the market.

      • Our Commitment

        Our passion stands behind the quality performance and ingenuity in making your innovative ideas a reality.

      Custom Metal

      We work with different metal materials like Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Gold, Silver and many others. We also use different sheet metals, wires, flux and fasteners.


      Custom made, hand

      crafted metal art.


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